Property Management

At Alliance Commercial Property, our dedication to personal and attentive service is what makes us truly stand out from other management companies. We are a small company by design. We believe in the notion that what you see up front, you will get down the road. There are no layers of bureaucracy and the team is not afraid to get our hands dirty. The person answering the phone will be the person with the answer to your question. Additionally, you will see your management team walking around your property, talking with residents, and checking up on projects throughout every week.

We have managed every type of property, including rental apartments, cooperative corporations, condominium and homeowner associations, retail strip centers and office buildings.

Our focuses and strengths include:

  • Giving personal attention to all clients and residents.
  • Responding to owner requests in a timely manner, and promptly returning telephone calls.
  • Using our knowledge to identify maintenance issues before they become problems, and addressing them through detailed short and long-range preventive maintenance planning.
  • We speak the ‘language’ of contractors; which gives us the ability to manage their work and to make difficult decisions that will keep projects on-track and within budget.
  • Generating financial reports promoting fiscal responsibility and accountability.

We recognize that little things can be left unseen. By paying attention to the ‘small’ stuff, we are able to identify and address problems before they get out of control, ultimately saving our clients’ money in unplanned expenses. This approach sets us apart from our competition and enables our clients to get the highest quality of service with the most personal attention available.