Office Space

Whether it is a relocation, expansion, or a brand new office space that you seek, we assist you in exploring alternatives, and can suggest creative solutions that will achieve your objectives at the lowest cost. As an extension of your firm’s real estate decision makers, we provide intuitive and smart solutions regardless of your company’s size or industry.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of personalized services for you to accomplish the most economical transaction possible. We are tireless in pursuing results that exceed our client expectations, and the objectives of their business plans. We are passionate about consistently creating opportunities that maximize operational efficiencies and provide the lowest cost solutions.

We provide all the information necessary to remove uncertainty for your company to make informed decisions in any new space search, or lease renegotiation. Our comprehensive site selection, comparative surveys and analysis utilizes up to date data and market intelligence of suitable buildings, and all available space within the targeted geographic parameters.

Some of the Services We Provide

  • Studies and space surveys for each office requirement.
  • Analysis of current and likely future market conditions with respect to space opportunities both presently on the market and potentially available.
  • Spearhead the entire negotiation process.
  • Scrutinize key issues such as:
    • Quality of ownership
    • Current leasing rates and space availability
    • Proposed financial terms
    • Rent concessions
    • Rent escalations
    • Operating expenses such as real estate taxes
    • Loss factors
    • Landlord work letters
    • Sublease and assignment rights
  • Ask the right questions . . . about IT, telecommunications, power, back-up generators, HVAC, security, fire protection and structural capacity.
  • Inform you about nearby amenities including public transportation and parking
  • Review and comment on preliminary space plans
  • Evaluate budgets for proposed tenant improvement work
  • Assist in negotiating contracts with contractors and members of the project team
  • Maximize your leverage and negotiate the most favorable terms knowing market conditions
  • Creatively assist with solving occupancy, layout and design issues.
  • Detailed building profiles, which include size, age, total rentable square feet, floor sizes, contiguous space available, floor plans, competitors that may be in the building, loading docks, and storage space.
  • Cost effective space that reduces expenses
  • Review local zoning to confirm that your business is an approved use at identified locations.

Whether it’s providing bottom line solutions for new office space or making your current office space better, more efficient and cost effective, Alliance Commercial Property LLC can help you develop a strategy that optimizes your workplace, boosts moral, improves productivity and reduces expenses. Our depth of knowledge encompasses all facets of selecting the best office space and implementing solutions to potential occupancy issues and problems. We use our local market knowledge to tailor a flexible suit of office space services to meet your specific needs. Our market expertise includes Manhattan office space, Westchester office space, Fairfield Country office space and Bergen County office space. Our service coverage expands nationally in the event your organization has a portfolio of facilities throughout the country.